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Support your organization with state of the art tools designed to help you and your team accomplish your goals.

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Let our consultants support your organization’s objectives with data driven strategies tailored to your goals.

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Data Empowered!

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Maximizing the value of your Data and become a DataPhyx partner.


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Operational Intelligence

Democratize your data with self service visualization designed to rapidly identify problem areas in your Organization. Connect data from accross your organization to understand how making a change in one area affects another.

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Workforce Productivity

Productivity reports for all types of pay cycles, including powerful flexible budget calculations. Our Staffing to Demand tools are tailored to your team and designed to effectively predict your workforce needs.

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Financial Performance

Drill to detail Financial Statements putting transaction level details just a click away. Robust reporting reporting on general ledger data, journal entries and sub-system detail, with an integrated variance response workflow.

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Its as easy as 1-2-3 with DataPhyx Budget Wizard, advanced approval chain, and real-time reporting. Let our simple to use top-down, historical what-if or case-based budgeting tools with robust modeling features keep you on Target.

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Cost Accounting

Advanced unit cost calculations at multiple activity levels, including features to speed up the development and maintenance of cost drivers. Understand the true cost of care with Supply Chain, Pharmacy, and Labratory solutions.

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Clinical Utilization

Daily reports empower your leaders with Clinical Opportunity by service line, physician, case type, payor, and more, combining information from your billing and medical records systems with unit costs calculated in DataPhyx.

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Are you prepared for COVID-19? Keep your organization on track and up to date with the latest COVID-19 data.

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Holistic Data

Learn more about how DataPhyx's holistic approach to business intelligence is helping hospitals make more informed decisions.

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Trust your Data

Learn about our Trusted Data program and find out if your teams have and trust the data they need.

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